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Aztron 9" Nylon Fin - US Fin


Aztron 9" Nylon Fin - US  Fin

Equipped on all AZTRON air boards, this Aztron 9" Nylon Fin gives riders the freedom to take off and put on easily to match the different conditions during sessions. The ALL-ROUND FIN 9’0” Comes with a fixed screw that screws into the base plate already located within the fin box. No tools needed. Just insert in and go!


  • 9.0 all-round center fin for all AZTRON air boards
  • Durable rugged reinforced nylon material
  • Effortless design. No tool needed  
  • US fin box
  • Perfect for flat water or long-distance paddling


DEPTH: 9" / 24CM

BASE: 7.8" / 19.8CM

MATERIAL: Reinforced Nylon

STYLE: All-Round