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Which came first, the paddle or the board? It doesn’t matter; the paddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the sport of stand up paddle boarding. Our signature paddle series by POP Paddle boards makes ripping and tearing through the water’s surface second nature. Each paddle is specially crafted to enhance performance and increase endurance while traversing all bodies of water. Lightweight carbon fiber materials with a bull nose 8.5” blade maximizes thrust while reducing resistance. Racing through the harbors and the open ocean has never been easier, and best of all, we throw in a paddle with every board purchase.

We can made custom cut as per your height.

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Blade Width: 8 1/4 in.
Blade Surface: 90 sq. in.
Angle: 10 deg
Weight: 20 oz


The Fixie Paddle is constructed with the highest quality lightweight carbon fiber. We don’t just slap a phony carbon fiber veneer on our paddles; They are crafted from the ground up using an ultra-strong carbon fiber mesh weave that makes our paddles as light as they are strong so you can rider longer, harder, and faster.


A strong paddle needs an equally strong blade. That’s why POP Paddleboards uses ABS technology to enhance the strength of the Fixie Paddle’s blade. An ABS edge increases the rigidity and durability of our paddle blades, ensuring they can take a beating while reducing the chance of cracking, chipping, and puncturing. Low tide, rocks, and coral reefs just became slightly less of a threat.


The Fixie Paddle is cut to your specific size requirements using Grand Pappy’s Hand Saw. This isn’t your average hand-saw; Legend says that Grand Pappy’s Hand Saw was the only recovered item from a Spanish Treasure Fleet that sunk off the coast of Florida in 1715… All we know is that this legendary saw has been cutting paddles since they were made out of wood. The crew at POP maintains and cares for this legendary saw to keep the heritage alive for years to come.


The Fixie Paddle has been designed, tested, and approved by a culmination of three minds with three different riding styles before any external testing is conducted. This insures that every product holds up to different riders in different environments.


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